TERMS IN ONLINE SLOTS – In online slot games or gambling, you must also be able to understand the terms and rules in playing gambling games, at least you must be 18 years old and above because to register an account in online slot games, you must have personal data, because minors are not allowed to play. gambling games. Here we will discuss what the terms in online gambling are:

  • Payline
    The payline which is usually called the payline is the line that is installed in the slot game, if there is an image that stops on the selected line, then you can get a free spin or jackpot, we recommend that you install it on all available lines.
  • Progressive jackpot
    A progressive jackpot is when you get a multiplication number in the slot, then the multiplication number is added up many times when you get another multiplication number, and at the end of the game your winning number will be multiplied by the multiplication you get, it is categorized as a jackpot.
    In the slot there is an image that can give you a win directly that will appear when you play the mini game, this free spin image only appears on the screen without the need for a machine payline.
    An image that can be replaced with another image that matches the payline line so that we can win the payline in one slot line.
  • Multiplier
    The word in the slot if doubling our win for example x2,x3,x4
    Is the average amount of payback played by the player where he placed a bet on the slot, in terms of how slot machines work and tells this slot is the best.
    Hit Frequency
    An indicator of how often the slot machine gives the same image to get a win, usually a combination image will come out when you have touched 100 x spins.
  • Roll
    The term roll in online slot games is a picture reel that spins on a roll only for 3 rolls, except for modern machines which can reach 5-7 rolls in the game.
    The term action in online slots is the duration of hours of playing a slot player on a casino machine, the casino usually offers promotions when the players have played there for a long time.
    Betting units
    Betting units are another name for the balance displayed on the slot machine.
  • Minimum Bet
    Minimum bet which means the smallest bet amount provided by the slot machine for the players to play
  • Maximum bet
    Maximum bet which means the largest number of bets provided by the slot machine for the players to play
    Payout When you deposit a balance to play online slots, usually if you fill in 100,000 in the machine it will be written as 100.00 only
  • Deposit
    When you want to top up your balance to an online slot by depositing real money for the money you want to the slot, by usually transferring it to the account number provided on the website/slot machine.
    When you want to withdraw all the money that you have earned in the online slot machine or on the online slot website, by withdrawing money in the cashout option.
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